Chicago Building Violation Data and Charts – January 2019

Time for data, charts, and more data. Here are all the top building violations of January 2019:


As typical, the most common violations include elevators, vacant buildings, and exterior wall repairs. The comment of “arrange premise inspection” is a common comment usually paired with others to verify that violations have been resolved, or to complete a building. One comment that is unique to the colder months, and this January in particular, is the “heat unit adequately” violation. Let’s look at the violations that happened during the week of the polar vortex in particular:

polar vortex.PNG

Here, the unit heat violation jumps to the first spot with over 100 complaints, as would be expected. Providing proper heat to people’s homes during cold weather is both a difficult challenge and vital to tenants’ safety and health.

The data shown here comes from the Chicago Data Portal. We’ll provide new data each month along with insights in response to current events or historical trends.